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Bristol Brunel Academy


Bristol Brunel Academy is an example of a customer who came to ITQ because they needed more than just technical expertise and assistance. The Academy should have been benefitting from superb print facilities. It already had a print management infrastructure built around SafeCom, the same print management platform ITQ recommend. Unfortunately, a poor installation by the original supplier meant it never delivered on its potential. Technical problems ranged from unlabelled network cables to poorly configured network sub - nets. Management problems included inadequate reporting that presented misleading results. Software problems were typified by a SafeCom installation that had never been updated (although updates had been paid for). The Academy's experience serves as a illustration that not all SafeCom suppliers are created equal. ITQ's expertise helped the Academy appreciate the financial, managerial and environmental advantages of efficient print management.


After analysing the Academy's original deployment goals, talking to staff and assessing the technical aspects of the installation, ITQ was able to deal with the network infrastructure, correct the SafeCom configuration and both install and customise multifunctionals to perform the tasks staff actually needed. With a better contract in place and the technical problems resolved, ITQ's entire installation (hardware, consumables and service) costs the Academy less than it had been paying for its consumables alone. SafeCom's Save - O - Meter shows that the Academy saves over £6,000 per annum just by not printing unwanted pages.


After the experience with its previous supplier, one of the Academy's main purchasing criteria was to find a supplier with an impeccable standard of business ethics. As a founder member of the Bristol - based "What's Right?" campaign (http://www.whatsright.co.uk), ITQ was able to show its dedication to customer service and honesty in business. It proved its integrity to the Academy by conducting extensive surveys and analysis long before any contract had been signed, by steering it away from unnecessarily expensive changes 1 , and by treating minor problem - solving as an element of customer service rather than an excuse for an eye - watering bill.


Bristol Brunel Academy provides secondary education to 1,600 pupils. As part of the Cabot Learning Federation, the Academy capitalises on the support and expertise of its sponsors, Rolls - Royce and the University of Western England, to deliver outstanding education to pupils of all capabilities.






200 staff; 1,600 pupils.


  • Poor installation, maintenance and support
  • under - performing print and IT systems.
  • Existing contract lead to expensive support.

"Our IT and print systems were under - performing badly; we needed somebody trustworthy to help us identify and resolve the problems." Chris Macintosh Head of ICT, Bristol Brunel Academy

"Wasteful printing had been a big problem; SafeCom tells us that almost 30% of the pages 'printed' aren't collected. That cost has been totally eliminated. " Chris Macintosh Head of ICT, Bristol Brunel Academy

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