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Demonstrating Value

Demonstrating best value can be difficult within our industry as proposals vary widely. It is not equipment that represents the problem - it is easy to create a like-for-like comparison between printers or multifunctionals with similar features. The problem lies with the non-tangible elements connected to the purchase. The most significant Return On Investment is delivered by ITQ’s 'added value'. When we make recommendations our focus is on the strategic benefits our software and hardware will bring to an organisation.

ITQ places great emphasis on:

"A lower cost-per-page is only half the answer to reducing document costs"

Our proposals rely heavily on the software that accompanies printers and multifunctionals because it is only by managing devices effectively and providing greater integration with your existing systems that we can deliver true cost savings and a real return on investment.
Delivering good value is much more about the capability of the supplier than the product or its cost.

"There are simpler ways to secure your private documents"


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