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Lufthansa Technik


The aerospace industry is dominated by one concern: safety. As a key supplier, Lufthansa Technik has to provide worksheets documenting all the work carried out on the landing gear it services. Each stage of the refurbishment process generates a new control sheet. Once refurbished, each landing gear assembly will have developed a long paper trail that has to be scanned and sent to the customer. Lufthansa wanted to reduce the cost and delay of their existing scanning solution: control sheets were sent to an outside contractor who scanned them into a document management system; Lufthansa then downloaded the scanned documents, collated them for the customer and sent them on. It was a slow and - at £100,000 per annum - expensive process. ITQ's first improvement dramatically changed the financial impact of scanning. The entire process was brought in - house using ITQ's MFPs and an AutoStore workflow. At a stroke, Lufthansa saved £100,000. But the improvements went beyond finance.


The old process saw control sheets sent to be scanned once the refurbishment was complete. There was then a delay of several days while the documents were scanned, collated and forwarded. ITQ's system uses barcodes on the control sheets to collate them and store them according to the job and customer. Within minutes of a step being complete, the control sheet is posted to SharePoint for the customer to view. The beauty of the system is its simplicity. The process is almost entirely automatic. There is no need for staff to organise documents after scanning – the system does it for them based on the control sheet's barcode. There is no need for the documents to be forwarded to the customer - they are automatically posted to SharePoint (although Lufthansa does still email documents to some customers). The new system even helps make the refurbishment process more robust. The control sheets make it clear to the engineers which stages have been completed and which step is next. ITQ's scanning solution has given Lufthansa a clear competitive advantage. Its customers are demanding ever faster turnaround on refurbishments. ITQ's document workflow allows it to exceed those requirements at a far lower cost than its competitors.


Lufthansa Technik is a global leader in the repair and overhaul of aircraft landing gear, flap tracks and landing gear related components. Lufthansa Technik Landing Gear Services (LTLGS) is the British element of the company's worldwide operations.






260 staff


  • Low-cost alternative to out-sourced document scanning process.
  • Reduce time taken to scan, process and distribute worksheets.

"It's unusual to see such a combination of cost - saving and process improvement. " Colin Booth IT Manager, LTLGS

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