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What ever happened to the paperless office?

Writer and satirist Lucy Kellaway traces the origins of today's corporate culture. Part 9 of 10: Whatever Happened To The Paperless Office? Computers have changed our working lives so thoroughly it is hard to remember what office life was like beforehand. The first office computer however was not developed in San Francisco but in fifties Britain by the teashop company Lyons. From those humble beginnings, Lucy charts the development of word processing and desktop computing. With Lin Jones of the National Museum of Computing.

Multi-million pound school I.T. scam

Schools across the UK have been caught-out in an I.T leasing scam which experts say could cost hundreds of millions of pounds. Adrian Goldberg speaks to one school which unwittingly signed-up to a lease agreement for over £700,000 worth of computer equipment. Adrian Goldberg presents cutting edge investigative journalism, as well as taking on listeners' campaigns and consumer issues.

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