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SafeCom Controller

SafeCom Smart Printing for any network printer or MFP

A SafeCom solution with a SafeCom Controller is independent of printer models and provides the freedom to change between printer providers. The SafeCom Controller gives access control on any network printer or MFP. Users log in with card and or code. A SafeCom Controller combined with a SafeCom
Front-end gives the best possible user experience that resembles the SafeCom Go solutions. It is operated via the display on the Front-end. A SafeCom Controller equipped with a SafeCom card reader is possible. In this case all documents waiting will be printed at login.

Copy Control - MFP Cables

With a SafeCom Controller it is possible to track print and copy as well as charging for these job types with SafeCom Pay and Client Billing. When tracking of copies is a requirement a MFP cable is required. Copy tracking is possible on selected MFPs from:



Users have to authenticate themselves when they log in at the device. Authentication is when the SafeCom Server identifies a user as a recognized and approved user of the system and output device. Authentication protects against misuse and unauthorized use of company MFPs and printers. Users can authenticate and log in using ID code, Windows Login or ID cards and tags.


Users enter their personal code, and if required a PIN-code to log in. On SafeCom Go solutions this requires no additional hardware.

Windows login

With Windows Login users can use the same code to log into their computer and MFPs and printers. On SafeCom Go solutions this requires no additional

Cards and Tags

SafeCom solutions support a wide range of ID technologies. New technologies are added continuously. ID technologies are listed below.

Available SafeCom ID Technologies

Please refer to the datasheet SafeCom ID Technologies for more information about readers and ID technologies.

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