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SafeCom G4 Server

Nuance SafeCom G4 Server was officially released November 1, 2012 and offers significant benefits over its predecessor the Safecom G3 Server. The SafeCom Smart Printing™ solution is modular and can be configured and scaled to meet the requirements of any organization. SafeCom Smart Printing features:



The Smart Printer Driver represents the next generation in print processing ensures that your output will be exactly as expected, regardless of the device. It represents a fundamental shift in backend print processing concepts and is a prime example of how your business can use G4 Server to make your systems more efficient, easier to use, and in tune with the latest printing technologies.

Increased Versatility

Today – users send the print job via a specific vendor driver. In multi-vendor environments, this makes it difficult to get all documents out using any printer or to utilize special features that are vendor-dependent. If a printer receives a print job it does not understand, the job may crash the device or end up in the garbage.

The Smart Printer Driver is an added layer that creates and stores the print data in the printer-independent Microsoft XPS format (XML Paper Specification format) until it knows which printer will be used. When the user logs onto an MFP, the system identifies the device type and only then runs the job through the correct vendor-dependent printer driver to exploit all its features and commands.

The Smart Printer Driver ensures that users can run even complex jobs on all printers in mixed vendor environments. Documents will not be removed or fail due to driver incompatibilities. The new concept makes Nuance SafeCom solutions even more independent and multi-vendor than before.

New possibilities for development of Rule Based Printing

Rule Based Printing represents a high-focus area and key-selection-criteria for many customers. Rule Based Printing is largely based on modifying data to comply with specific printer-driver commands - making it a challenge to expand the range of Rule Based Printing features for all vendors. The new Smart Printer Driver, with its generic format, opens new opportunities for developing robust, future-secure and multi-vendor rule based printing functionalities.

Easy setup of queues and drivers for administrators

Smart Printer Driver has an automatic setup functionality to enable administrators to automatically create print queues for each driver/vendor type and apply protocols that enable the Smart Printer Driver to find and activate the right vendor driver for each job.

Future Proof with better technologies

Nuance SafeCom’s Smart Printer Driver is a future-secure system that is based on state-of-the-art technologies. Already today, vendors are developing printers that can output directly from the XPS format, and we expect this trend to grow in the future – making the Smart Print Driver even more attractive to the market.

SMART SCAN – Scan-to-folder made simple

G4 Server’s new Smart Scan feature is the result of direct requests from a key Nuance SafeCom customer. Like many other companies, the client needed a solution that would enable its employees to scan documents on the MFP and have them delivered directly into a folder on their own PC.

Misuse of Outlook Exchange

Often the scan-to-folder functionality is carried out by utilizing the Microsoft Outlook Exchange server. Users scan to their email address and the scanned document then appears in their inbox from where they can save it using their Microsoft Outlook’s mail interface. The upside of using Outlook for scan-to-folder functionality is that it bypasses the need for setting up complex configurations to handle domain/password protocol in order to let the MFP write data to a PC’s local folder. The downside is that Microsoft Outlook exchange is not designed for administration of busy file traffic and handling of large documents. Using Scan-to-folder functionality through Microsoft Outlook will eventually harm the mail server’s performance and company’s email-communication efficiency. 

Smart Scan

Smart Scan represents a better way to handle scan-to-folder functionally that bypasses both Microsoft Outlook and complex password issues. Users start by logging in on the MFP and tap the Smart Scan icon. Scans on the MFP are sent to the Nuance SafeCom server that handles administration of the scan-job and stores the document file in a private scan folder reserved for the user. Users can access and download their own files through a Smart Scan application running on their PC’s system tray or through the Nuance SafeCom G4 server’s web application. The solution not only allows companies to protect their Outlook traffic and email efficiency, but it also adds valuable security because scan files on the server are encrypted until they are retrieved by the user.

“Smart Scan is not an attempt to enter the document workflow segment – and our core business remains with print management solutions,” says Lars Ehlers Jensen, Product Specialist at Nuance SafeCom. “However, our versatile technology once again presents smarter ways to process both input and output from MFPs, and there is no reason we shouldn't bring our customers all its advantages.”


The G4 Server includes a new exciting functionality that enables users to Pull Print their documents using their smart phone. Users start by scanning a QR code label on the MFP with their phone, thus identifying themselves and declaring their presence at the specific device. They then access a list of their own pending print jobs on the print server through the phone’s web browser, select one or more jobs, and send off the order to print.


Already today, users of Client Billing can enter their billing parameters directly on the MFP display on some MFP models. The SafeCom G4 Server will support Client Billing for a wider range of printer vendor platforms.

Nuance Safecom G4 Server Datasheet


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