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SafeCom Smart Printing

Reduce Costs and Waste

How much does your organization spend on printing? The numbers may surprise you. Careless printing practices result in unnecssary spending. With SafeCom you can save an astounding 40% on your print budget through:

Safecom Save O Meter

Safecom Save O Meter Datasheet

Consolidate Infastructure

SafeCom Smart Printing helps you consolidate and streamline your print infrastructure and achieve huge savings. A SafeCom streamlined print environment:

One major company reduced the number of printers from 400 to 132, and the number of print servers from 45 to 3.

Nuance Safecom Pull Print Datasheet

Allocate and Recover Print Costs

SafeCom Client Billing and SafeCom Pay make it easy to manage accounts and recover print costs. 

SafeCom Client Billing

Manages detailed internal accounting and billable printing expenses at, for example, consulting bureaus or law firms.

Nuance Safecom Client Billing Datasheet

SafeCom Pay

Facilitates immediate payment for print services at, for example, universities, colleges and public libraries.

Nuance Safecom Pay Datasheet

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