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SafeCom Technologies

Reduce Costs and Waste

G4 Server

The new Nuance SafeCom G4 Server introduces new concepts for print processing plus added functionalities developed in response to direct customer requests. Exciting new features include the Smart Printer Driver that increases versatility, Smart Scan that enables problem-free scan-to-file functionality, and Pull Print access to MFPs using your smart phone. More on G4 Server

G3 Server

The SafeCom G3 server contains the main printer control intelligence and provides the tools to efficiently manage your printing environment. SafeCom Server software is designed and built for reliable, stable performance along with consistently high availability. SafeCom solutions can be configured and adapted to any print environment, whether in small company offices or large enterprises.
SafeCom Advanced Server - single server solution
SafeCom Advanced Server software is designed for small to midsized companies. A general guideline for its capacity is 100 million printed pages per month or 200 connected print devices.
Enterprise Server – multi server solution
The SafeCom Enterprise Server software is designed for large organizations with large print volumes, thousands of users, hundreds of printers, numerous print servers or multiple sites with central print management.
The SafeCom solution controls the entire printing environment through a single master server and a number of slave servers providing the company with all the benefits of central print administration.
A SafeCom multi server solution lets employees pick up their documents at any SafeCom-enabled printer or MFP no matter where on the network the documents originate. This way employees gain full mobility across regional or national offices.
A SafeCom multi server solution is designed for optimal utilization of bandwidth. Data is only exchanged between servers when absolutely necessary, and daily updates and synchronization can be scheduled for periods with low data traffic.

Safecom G3 Server Datasheet

Server Printing

When server printing is used the SafeCom server acts as print server and hosts shared printers.
When the user prints, the document is transferred to the user’s home server. The document remains on the server until the user authenticates at a print device to collect it.
Server printing is relevant for companies that want a centralized print solution where printing is done via shared printers on servers.

SafeCom Cluster Server

SafeCom Cluster Server is your insurance for the most reliable and robust print solution. SafeCom Cluster Server is an add-on for the SafeCom server and can work on both single and multi server solutions. SafeCom Cluster Server runs with Microsoft Cluster Service.
A SafeCom Cluster Server solution consists of two or more ”nodes,” one active and the other passive. If the active node suddenly stops, the passive takes over immediately so users can still print and are not affected by a breakdown.

SafeCom G3 Web Interface

Users can serve themselves via the SafeCom Web Interface. It is a personal web page where users can get an overview of their print and copy history through a web browser. Employees can use the SafeCom Web Interface to see a list of their documents on the print server. They can also delete documents that they do not need to print any more.
Client Billing users can manage their list of favorite codes and select billing codes for jobs and Pay users can see their transactions and top up their account through the browser. In addition, the SafeCom Web Interface lets users change their PIN-code or generate a new PUK-code.

SafeCom Reports

SafeCom Reports is a free add-on module for the SafeCom server. SafeCom Reports provides a user-friendly overview covering all tracked data that is gathered in the tracking database - for example, print and copy, activity per department or user, utilization and load on printers, use of color/mono, and an overview of the most used applications (in terms of printed pages of paper).
SafeCom Reports is based on Crystal Reports from Business Objects. It can either be installed with the SafeCom server or on an individual computer. The reports can be exported in various formats ready to be adapted by other applications - for example, PDF, XLS, RTF, CSV, HTML and XML.

Disaster Recovery

A disaster recovery package consists of a license key for a backup server and documentation on how to go through the steps of reestablishing the installation. Packages are available for both Advanced server and Enterprise server.

SafeCom API

SafeCom’s suite of APIs provides easy integration of their print solution into existing document systems, ERP and other applications.
SafeCom Administrator API is an XML-based tool that makes it possible to automate tasks and integrate SafeCom with other applications. The API allows SafeCom administrators to automate tasks that are typically handled manually. Import of users from other databases can be scheduled to take place automatically, or tracking data can be extracted at regular intervals - for example to an ERP-system. The API also exists as a dll that can be integrated into other programs.

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