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The Vineyard Group


The Vineyard Group exists to serve customers who are interested in the finest wining, dining and accommodation. Customer service and impeccable presentation are the group's paramount concerns. They expect the same level of service from their suppliers. That's why they chose ITQ to supply their copiers and printers. As a prestige brand, the group cannot afford any poor service in its supply chain to create poor service to its customers. Everything from the quality of the day's menus to back - office billing processes has to be perfect. One challenge the group faced was accelerating the handling of purchase invoices. Invoices were delivered to the individual hotels but settled by the head - office in Newbury. Copies had to be sent by post, incurring a delay of at least one day. If the invoice had to be approved or checked by staff back at the originating hotel further delays were inevitable. ITQ implemented a simple improvement that dramatically improved the process.Instead of posting invoices, each hotel used their ITQ MFPs to scan the documents and email them to head - office. The process was fast, reliable and far cheaper than the alternative.


Scan - to - email is far from revolutionary. It was a familiar technology even in 2005 when ITQ first implemented it for the group. What cemented the relationship between ITQ and its customer was the care they took to make sure the system worked perfectly. Scan - to - email can be a complex process; staff might have been asked to type in email addresses, select a file format, scanning resolution, compression ratio and so on. ITQ simplified the process so staff could use single - button shortcuts to send documents to their regular destinations. The process became as simple as basic copying. Graham Varndell, ITQ's Managing Director, puts such service at the core of the company's ethos: "Customers like the Vineyard Group don't want features they can read about in a manual, they want the finished solution. They don't want the potential, they want the reality." ITQ's scan - to - email system has been augmented with a network fax facility to route faxes to email inboxes. The combination of the two systems has accelerated invoice processing and allowed the group to offer the administrative service its customers and suppliers expect.


The Vineyard Group owns and manages a string of prestigious venues including the Donnington Valley Hotel, the Vineyard at Stockcross and Sonoma Hotels. It places its focus on the luxury end of the market and has managed hotels from 20 to 120 rooms.






30 staff at head office


Accelerating the processing of purchase invoices Maintaining impeccable customer service.

"We don't want to read about what a machine can do. We expect our supplier to make it do it. That's what service means, and it's what ITQ delivers." Brad Wilkinson Financial Controller

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