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TMD Technologies


TMD called in ITQ because the company knew it had a problem, it just didn't know how big that problem was. The company had grown rapidly for several years but, because printing was not a high priority, printers and copiers had been installed in a haphazard and uncoordinated fashion. The result was a large fleet of non - networked desktop printers with high running costs, low workloads and no management. After an audit, ITQ developed a strategy that delivered on company - wide goals rather than departmental or individual preferences. The results have been dramatic. More than half the company's expensive desktop printers have been retired. Their workload is now handled by ITQ MFPs that give staff higher performance and extra functions such as scanning and copying. The print management system reduces costs by eliminating waste; every month the system deletes over 1,000 unclaimed print jobs that would otherwise have been printed.


TMD has an extensive overseas sales operation. Worldwide sales operations cover America, South Korea and many countries in - between. Even though its sales people use a range of mobile devices (laptops, Windows tablets and iPads) the company needs to provide them all with the ability to print documents in the UK head office. This facility is provided simply through ITQ's mobile print solution. By using email to print documents instead of a printer driver, the solution sidesteps the problem of installing print software on the devices that need to print. All the salesperson needs is a wireless Internet connection. Whatever device the salesperson uses, wherever he is in the world, he just emails sales orders to the UK sales office and, in seconds, they appear on the printer.


TMD is among the world's leading manufacturers of microwave tubes, high voltage power supplies and transmitters for radar, electronic warfare and EMC RF testing. With sales doubling over the last five years the company has now opened a US office.






250 staff


  • Introducing a company - wide strategy to reduce costs and improve facilities
  • Improve document security Accelerate sales processes

"The amount of waste in our print processes was a revelation. The savings will be significant to put it mildly." Reiss Amaan IT Manager EMEA

"We can't afford to have proprietary information fall into the wrong hands. Our print management system stops this." Reiss Amaan IT Manager EMEA

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