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Simplify your admission process by reducing the amount of paper moving around your organisation. Choose Uniform for your organisation for a tailored solution and service.

Do you collect data from multiple sources in your business, then integrate it with your in-house system or export data to external applications and databases? You may need to create reports, communicate with people on the data base, invoice on a regular basis and more.

To introduce such a system it would now seem obvious to use the web for collecting and sending out data. If this constant stream of information happens in your business ITQ's web based system – Uniform will:

Clients can access the forms or information they need; online, in the cloud or from any computer or mobile device. Uniform will allow you to segment data and create customised workflows to get data to the correct person or location. Also analyse data and report on the data progress.

What is Uniform and what does it do?

ITQ Uniform is a web based data and forms solution that was initially designed in partnership with Wellington College (one of the world's top coeducational boarding schools) to help manage and reduce the forms used in the school's admission process. It allows users to sign in to a web portal and complete all the forms (up to 28 sent and returned by post) required for each student before they enrole.

The simple to use interface and guided process makes it easy for parents to glide through all the required documents and submit them. Uniform can be completely customised for you and any business or organisation, to create workflows to manage, segment and routing data, to the appropriate administrator for processing. Processed data can then be analysed and exported to an existing document management system, database or an electronic folder structure.

What makes Uniform unique, is its flexibility in that it can be tailored to each individual requirement in terms of presentation and output options. Wellington College parents are located all around the world. The presentation of the admissions portal was crucial, it needed to look corporate and professional, but more importantly the functionality and the user experience had to be without question a flawless experience.



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