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ITQ is a forward thinking and dynamic print management company providing high level support and exceptional service. Our reputation as a leading supplier and service provider of multi-functional photocopiers (MFDs) is well known within our industry. However, what is important to our clients and what makes us unique is that we focus on how these MFDs are controlled so printing usage is reduced and scanning is managed. It is this focus which has earned us some of the largest, most prestigious print management contracts in the UK supplying companies such as Fujitsu and the BBC.


At ITQ we believe that the best way forward is to embark on a journey that embraces digital and paper in a paper light environment. Going paper light is about gradually reducing your dependence on paper, introducing a managed and cost-effective digitisation program and taking your employees and processes with you every step of the way. It's about helping your business to release the full power and value of information in a way that is both realistic and achievable.

We can best be described as provider of paper light solutions.


Most companies could reduce printing costs by up to 30%

Printing and copying costs the average organisation around £400.00 per user per year.

The volume of digital information in the World is doubling every 3-7 years, increasing the amount of printed pages.

23% of Help Desk calls are print related and IT spend 15% of their time on printing-related issues in the average organisation.

Total cost of document production can consume up to 15% of an organisation's annual revenue.

90% of all companies do not track their organisation's printing costs.

Print uses up 35% of annual IT spend and is the highest IT cost within the average business.





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