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Audit and Consultancy

Are you sitting on a goldmine of savings?

Many companies are unaware of just how much they spend on printing or what they can do to reduce costs. The most alert IT managers may note that print-related costs, such as hardware, consumables, and support represent a significant portion of their total IT budget.
However, too often, this is written off as a necessary evil without further investigation.
The good news is that, in nearly all cases, printing costs can be reduced and sometimes almost halved. This is achieved after a print audit and thorough analysis of the print environment, followed by well-targeted infrastructure and system changes.

"You can cut colour print costs with simple - and free - techniques"

Lack of management and control

Organisations without the software tools to track, monitor, and audit their printing environment are virtually wearing blinkers. Their printing costs remain invisible, and so does the knowledge needed to optimize, reduce waste and save money. There is probably areas for significant improvement and savings of which you are not even aware.
Unfortunately few mid-sized companies have the IT resources to focus on an in-depth print audit and analysis and, therefore, their potential for achieving these savings is nipped in the bud. ITQ’s comprehensive print audit service will help you get printing and document production costs back on track.

Define, Measure and Analyse

Our advanced and unobtrusive system records your organisation’s print behaviour for a month, logging the type of documents printed and on which devices. This reveals the strengths and weaknesses of your existing print environment. Our analysis and experience enables us to recommend print strategies supported by a documented financial case appropriate to your organisation.

Improve and Implement

Once the print strategy and deployment timescale are agreed, ITQ will roll out the envisioned changes. This may only require the redeployment of existing hardware and the adoption of better working practices and software solutions, or it might involve the installation of new hardware.

"Software solutions reliably enforce your cost-saving print policies"

Manage and Control

ITQ remains committed to you long after the initial deployment. We ensure that your initial goals are achieved and that we meet our agreed service level agreements over the lifetime of your contract.



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