Organisations all over the world cut costs, increase efficiency,
boost security, reduce waste and go green.

Where cost control meets flexibility

The formula for finance and IT managers to reduce costs and simplify document workflow is simple: consolidate, standardise and control your printing operations. Balanced with the need for employees to print safely anytime, anywhere and on any printer, ITQ can make this happen with a comprehensive set of modular print management tools, that deliver smart and secure print solutions.

Say goodbye to your biggest print challenges


We're ready to solve the document handling challenges your company faces every day. ITQ print management can:


Reduce costs and waste

Achieve 40% savings on your print budget by taking better control of print operations and reducing waste.

Consolidate infrastructure

Create a secure print server to manage the sensitive data coming from your network.

Print securely

SafeCom’s security print solutions offer user authentication from a secure print server at every device so that documents end up in the right hands – every time.

Allocate and recover print costs

Easily account for and manage printing costs by user, department or client for precise budgeting and chargeback.

Assess your printing. How much does printing cost you?

Many companies have no solution to monitor printing costs. With SafeCom Print Tracker, you can quickly and easily retrieve an accurate report of print costs. It records all devices and print activity information, down to individual jobs and users. And with a highly accurate reporting tool, you can constantly optimise costs and print services.

Add-on modules

Our print management software is designed to address your most pressing needs: cost savings, security, reporting and waste reduction. Additionally, when you need to tackle the specific demands of your business, ITQ has you covered with an advanced set of modules by adding the tools for secure print management that you want – and only pay for what you need.


Client billing

Simply and accurately allocate costs to specified billing codes or accounts to support chargeback or recovery initiatives.


Simply integrate the SafeCom print software with existing document systems or databases to automate tasks that are typically handled manually.


Streamline your credit-based system of user accounts and guest printing. Ideal for organisations that charge for prints and copies.

Mobile print

Submit documents for printing from anywhere – on the road, in a remote office or just away from your desk – and retrieve the print job when you reach the printer.

Rule-based printing

Automatically enforce your company-wide print policies through a pre-set system of rules – saving you time and money.


Securely capture paper documents at MFPs and route them to your desired destination. Less printing equals less waste.


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