Why Filestar?

Filestar is a cloud-based document management service, ideal for scanning and archiving your paper documents. Here are a few reasons why it's great for you:


Less Paper

Paper takes space, costs money and wastes time. Filestar makes it very easy for you to transfer your paper files to a digital archive. In doing so, making your files secure, accessible and efficient.

Cloud Based

Our cloud servers take away all of the hassle and costs of managing your own servers and storage. All you need is a web browser.


With secure access, comprehensive auditing and flexible retention policies, Filestar ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting your document compliance requirements.


With Filestar you can simply scan straight from your device and the documents will be sent to our cloud servers and filed for you without any further intervention (many document imaging systems still require you to have a scan station, a QC station, an indexing station and a document management system for it all to work with!). So, how does Filestar work?


How it Works

  1. A small app is installed on a single PC or server within your organisation. It runs quitely in the background and its responsibilty is to upload the scans from your copier or scanner.
  2. Many scanners and copiers allow you to create scan profiles so that you can do 'one-touch' scanning directly from the device. With the profiles set up you don't need to keep selecting settings or changing them everytime you want to scan something. Use a profile to perform a scan. The scanner now hands the file to the Filestar app. At this point you are done! You have filed your document with no more effort than a finger press.
  3. When the Filestar app detects a new file from the scanner, it starts processing it automatically (no user intervention required - this is all happening in the background!). Filestar can be configured with rules to tell it how to handle incoming scans - for example, you may want to split the scans into separate documents whenever it detects a special barcode, or you may want it to file documents differently depending on which scanner profile was used.
  4. With processing complete your document is sent securely to our cloud servers, automatically named (if that is what you want) and filed. If for any reason your internet connection is lost, your scanned document is kept locally on your PC and the filestar app will upload it when the connection is restored. (For peace of mind, the Filestar app can be instructed to keep the original copy of your scanned document on your server or storage device, indefinitely or for a set period - e.g. 100 days.)
  5. Your document is now available for you and your users to browse, search and view (provided they have permission to do so) using your internet browser.
  6. Access control features ensure that only authorised users have access to search, edit and view documents. The built-in audit trail records document access and filing changes. The rentention policy feature can be used to flag documents that need to be destroyed inline with your compliance requirements.


  • Automatic document filing and naming

    'Auto-File' and 'Auto-Name' feature takes away the hassle of deciding where a document should be filed and what it should be called.

  • Customisable Index Fields

    Custom index fields left you capture document specific data that can be very useful for filing and searching.

  • Flexible Access Control

    Access rules allows you to control what actions your users can perform. For example, you may want to allow only a subset of your users to be able to search for and view 'Accounts' documents.

  • Works with any scanner or MFD

    If your scanner or multi-function device can save to a Windows folder then it will work with Filestar.

  • Paper scans converted to searchable PDF

    Paper scans are automatically converted to searchable PDF using OCR (optical character recognition).

  • Simple, intuitive web browser interface

    All you need is a modern web browser to search, file and view documents.

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