Demonstrated service levels

Service Levels

For 30 years, our approach to service levels has been unique in its openness and scale. Today’s customers benefit from the same principles that made us exceptional 30 years ago. Our enterprise clients (larger than 500 devices) appreciate our service levels. When considering such large installations, due diligence requires that they invested time in researching our infrastructure, satisfying themselves that ITQ was capable of delivering and supporting such complex deployments. What provided these clients with confidence is that we could provide detailed documentation to demonstrate our service levels.

ITQ goes beyond the solution design documentation you would expect and our total transparency gives our customers total confidence.

    However many devices you have, ITQ will:
  • Provide impeccable customer service;
  • Provide expert solution design; and
  • Provide extensive skills in network infrastructure.

Schools and colleges need a different level of support to corporate clients. Since 1991 we have been able to perfect the delivery of solutions to Education. Our proactive approach to support lies at the heart of this service provision.

customer success story

"We don't want to read about what a machine can do. We expect our supplier to make it do it. That's what service means, and it's what ITQ delivers."

Brad Wilkinson | Financial Controller , The Vineyard Group

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