Audit and Consultancy

With over 50 years of direct experience dealing specifically with the photocopier industry and expertise of every type of copier contract, we have a deep understanding of the pitfalls and disadvantages found within copier agreements. Together with access to numerous financial service providers, who meet our stringent standards of fairness, enabling us to deliver an unparalleled level of service.

Our reputation within the industry is well known but what makes us unique is our focus on your printer fleet, the way it is controlled and the strategy behind deployment, we aim to help you reduce your printing and manage your scanning in the most efficient way possible. We offer a complete document assessment and audit consultancy uncovering areas of your business where savings can be made and work practices/processes improved; we are experts in the analysis of photocopier contracts and at lowering your costs whilst reducing the environmental impact of your business document production and distribution.

customer success story

“We are now over a year into the project, the savings have grown to seven figures over the contract period but perhaps more importantly we have a very detailed, defined roadmap for managing printing, copying and scanning. ”

Clyde & Co

Are you sitting on a goldmine of savings?

Many companies are unaware of just how much they spend on printing or what they can do to reduce costs. The most alert IT managers may note that print-related costs, such as hardware, consumables, and support represent a significant portion of their total IT budget. However, too often, this is written off as a necessary evil without further investigation. The good news is that, in nearly all cases, printing costs can be reduced and sometimes almost halved. This is achieved after a print audit and thorough analysis of the print environment, followed by well-targeted infrastructure and system changes.

Print Fleet Audits

We examine your existing print fleet determining the make, model, type, usage and location of your devices. We consider the total cost of ownership of each of your devices and create new strategies and design the most effective print fleet for your individual needs.

Fleet Optimisation

Following a print audit and discussion with your users we are able to calculate the optimum fleet deployment to provide the right balance between single and multi-functional devices, secure print management and mobile print solutions that let your staff print from anywhere direct to your server print queues.

Telecommunications Consultancy

The power to communicate is integral to any business and telecom services represent both a critical and expensive component of your businesses infrastructure. Investing in the right telecommunications system that works for your business is crucial to the smooth running of your company. PA consultancy services will save you time and money negotiating and researching the best possible telecommunications solution for your business. Whether you have yet to move to VoIP, are seeking a second generation VoIP infrastructure or looking to move beyond to hosted or cloud solutions, Procurement Analysts can provide independent advice and have considerable experience supporting both public and private sector clients. Our services are designed to support clients with almost any telecoms, voice or VoIP/IPT challenge.

Procurement Analysts specialise in: Voice, Mobile & connectivity solutions - Completely independent telecommunications advice Telecommunications Strategy – On premise, cloud, hosted, etc. Supplier Selection – Particularly given the financial problems of many suppliers Functionality – Voice, unified communications, contact centre, etc. Telecommunications Procurement – Purchasing new voice solutions Telecommunications Benchmarking – How does the cost and quality of your voice solution compare? Telecoms Audits – Can you reduce your telecoms costs? Fault Analysis – What is causing a fault or problem?
customer success story

“The service that ITQ provided was not limited to cost savings, they focused on balancing cost with service, whilst also considering an overall print strategy for the business. As a large organisation with multiple offices, we needed the correct advice in terms of contracts, costs and long-term planning. They guided us fully throughout the review process. ”

Lords Group of Companies

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