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“ITQ work at a very high level, focusing on the overall structure of the print environment and providing a clear structure for us to follow. The statement of works produced was very concise with the key areas clearly identified” (Clyde & Co).


An ITQ software design document (SDD) is a written description of a product that a solutions architect writes in order to give you an overall guide to the architecture of the project. It usually includes architecture diagrams and details of feature specifications of smaller pieces of the design. A document is required to co-ordinate with client implementation under a single vision and the document needs to be a stable reference point, outlining all parts of the solution and how it will work. It is designed to give a fairly complete description, while maintaining a high-level view of the infrastructure.

There are two kinds of design documents; HLDD (High Level Design Document) and LLDD (Low Level Design Document). A low level design document goes on to describe the structures that reside within the software and how it will integrate within the client network together with the attributes and relationships between objects that dictate choice. Interface designs are based on the information obtained from the clients environment. The Design describes the solution using graphical, tabular and textual notations. These design mediums enable the designer to represent procedural detail, that facilitates translation. This blueprint for implementation forms the basis for all subsequent software implementation and ensures delivery meets the requirement.

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