Photocopier contracts can throw
up some nasty surprises!

For over twenty years, ITQ have been assisting organisations caught up in punitive and restrictive photocopier contracts, helping many end contracts and saving clients many thousands of pounds. We have references from schools, colleges, large corporates and charities all of which have benefited from our assistance. Whilst we may think that we are all wiser now ‘sharp’ practices still go on as reported on a BBC Panorama program. What may be sold as a good deal at the time may in the following months cause an organisation to begin to realise the full extent of its liability under the agreement. It is the case that some organisations are being duped into signing agreements that turn out to be very different from what was anticipated.

‘Council forced to pay £350,000 to cancel a contract for photocopiers’ The Telegraph newspaper
ITQ save solicitors £60,000

"By dealing directly with the provider, and with ITQ’s advice we have successfully achieved a radical restructuring of the contract, which should benefit us, not only in the short term, but with increasing gains in the medium term."

Reference received from a large firm of solicitors – saving to the client over £60,000.00.

ITQ save school £41,000

"ITQ took away reams of paperwork and identified the key areas and after some lengthy communication with that company we have received a substantial refund."

Reference received from a large secondary school. Amount refunded to the school - £41,000.00.

It’s not too late

Photocopier contract advice is not only relevant when looking at new purchases, ITQ have assisted many companies, schools and colleges who thought they were committed to punitive agreements. This advice is carried out by our Contracts Department totally without obligation and can be for existing contracts or contracts you are considering, contact us – you have nothing to lose.

Existing copier contract vetting

We carry out a detailed examination of your existing copier contract, its terms & conditions to determine the level of commitment incurred. We then offer assistance with re-negotiation or methods that best suit early termination if required.

Supplier Vetting

The photocopier arena can become a minefield for the inexperienced buyer. There are a multitude of contractual offers proposed by suppliers. Sifting out the good from the bad can be an impossible task unless you know what to look for. As experts we have the knowledge to protect you from unscrupulous suppliers and make sure that the supplier you choose delivers what's expected; and nothing more.

Contract vetting for new equipment and services

Multiple contract types offering numerous variations to their terms and conditions make getting the right deal almost impossible, poor terms are often only exposed once it's too late. We remove this risk, ensuring that the leasing arrangement you enter will be fair and clear and fulfils your requirements; rather than it being a vehicle to line the pockets of unscrupulous suppliers. We will also ensure that any potential provider offers you a fair service agreement putting commitment emphasis on them rather than you.

Fair Price Negotiation

We carry out price negotiation on your behalf, to ensure you obtain the right deal. Unlike other consultancies we do not advocate forcing suppliers to provide trade prices, for if they are making no profit where is their incentive to provide you with a good reliable and fair service. We aim to achieve a fair level of profit for the supplier while obtaining a competitive price for our clients; this way all parties enjoy some gain, and which makes for a strong vendor client relationship.

Sourcing Fair and Flexible Leasing Facilities

Getting the right type of leasing agreement is crucial to protecting your business. There are a multitude of variations that can make any acquisition of capital equipment risky. We provide peace of mind for our clients by making sure the finance agreement selected is clear and as fair as possible and that it does not hold any unexpected surprises. This area of our service is most important and one in which we pride ourselves on our knowledge.

“We had a very good relationship with our current supplier, and we were keen not to compromise that, so we worked with ITQ on a purely advisory basis, using their service to guide us through the entire process. This was invaluable, as they provided us with 'on tap' independent and impartial advice.”

Albert Goodman Chart Accountants

“Their knowledge and understanding of the industry were invaluable and most importantly they were able to explain all the 'jargon' and reviewed the complex formal agreements ensuring that any onerous terms were removed.”

Albert Goodman Chart Accountants

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