Smarter Technology, Increased Security

The workflow, life and trail of a document are more mobile than ever. Now, with legislation increasing the digitisation of document management across soliciting, paralegal, insolvency, civil rights, banking, commercial, corporate, environmental, property and finance sectors, the legal sector is having to evolve and become increasingly sophisticated.

When it comes to elements like photocopying, printing and filing, organisations are over spending. Up to 60% of legal professionals we asked admit to not having made tangible savings with their own document management - some didn't even know they could. And now, with handheld devices used seven days a week, more organisations are investing in smarter, more efficient technologies with one eye firmly on their environmental impact.

Increased digitisation and mobility should not compromise the security of your data and documents. Using ITQ's smarter technology, means that your data and documents will be more secure than ever. Our award-winning technologies work alongside best-in-breed software and bespoke applications to help you avoid losing valuable data and prevent unauthorised access. You can also ensure confidential documents don’t end up in the wrong hands, limit device access to particular users and departments and clearly identify key users.

The increasing digitisation of document management is a result of legislative reform, while evolving technology and working attitudes means mobile working is a growing aspect of the legal sector. With ITQ's flexible approach, your employees have the opportunity to print from a smartphone, tablet PC, desktop or laptop. You can enable anyone in your organisation to access documents safely and securely when and wherever they are. You're also able to keep up to date with how your devices are performing and ensure they remain available automatically by reducing maintenance and downtime.

Cut costs, not quality

When we quizzed a cross section of legal professionals, of which 73% said they thought increasing financial costs had impacted legal services. However, 60% admitted their organisation hasn’t deployed MPS (Managed Print Services) to help deliver savings. Of those that said their organisation did deploy MPS, 36% said that they had achieved 20% savings, while a third said 40% savings had been achieved. Moreover, 49% admitted that their organisation doesn’t generate revenue from printing and scanning.

ITQ’s managed print services are designed to help bring a return on investment while embracing the latest cloud and mobile solutions. Our flexible infrastructure allows you to manage resources more efficiently. We can take you into the cloud, offer pay-as-you-go options and bespoke solutions that meet your specific needs. In particular, our stunning HyPAS portfolio, our powerful and scalable solution platform of custom, integrated software applications, can be tailored to help you utilise best-in-breed software like Equitrac and PaperCut, which both help reduce cost and environmental impact.

Ultimately, our solutions help optimise your business by automating your workflow and capturing documents more efficiently. They can support your own specific procedures and make your devices and applications easier to use whilst identifying real print costs.

Why Make Your Law Firm Paperlight?

Other than the obvious benefits to the environment there are many tangible advantages to going paperlight:

    Lower overheads

    Typically, office space is second only to salaries in terms of total cost for a business. The bulk of these costs involve the storage of paper and other office supplies not to mention paying staff to collate, search, store and organise all that paper. Other substantial savings can be made on the cost of the paper and ink itself along with reduced postage costs. Going paperlight will reduce these often-overlooked expenses and add to the efficiency of employees and the firm overall.

    Increase profits

    Routine paper management is a commoditised process, one that your clients aren't eager to pay for. Obviously, you have to manage the information contained in paper, but that doesn't mean you should manage that information in paper form. When your files are digitised you can start automating many of your routine office processes, which frees you and your staff to spend time on other things that you can charge your clients more for (e.g. high-level strategic thinking). Plus, it allows you to handle more work with minimal incremental cost.

    Access data quickly and reliably

    Law firms need to quickly access and provide needed documents immediately. Having your files digitised and made available through the cloud means instant access to key information at anytime, from anywhere. Digital storage not only allows employees to quickly search and locate documents based on content but also avoids the frequent errors and misfiling associated with paper processes.

    Security and backup

    Paperless document management allows law firms to add levels of security to documents containing sensitive material such as intellectual property. Users can dictate who can access or manipulate documents by setting specific roles for their employees. A tracking history can show who has accessed documents or who made previous revisions and when.

    Collaborate more easily

    In the modern law firm, documents and forms are constantly changing hands and are often worked on or referenced by numerous employees. The ability to share your documents via the web improves connection with staff allowing lawyers to collaborate on projects and if weather, illness or a travel disaster makes it hard for people to get to the office, everyone can keep working without interruption, wherever they are. Working remotely via the Internet allows companies to hire part-time virtual freelancers if you experience a temporary surge in workload or you need temporary specialised assistance on a particular case or project.

    Gain tactical advantages

    Going paperlight offers many economical and professional advantages that numerous firms are either not aware of. Firms that choose to embark down this path will see more efficient employees, satisfied clients, and overall peace of mind by having documents securely stored, tracked, and easily accessible. Paperless management provides greater visibility and control over workflow. Closer control allows the firm to foresee inefficiencies that may hinder client interaction and streamline communication.

    Lower your stress

    Life is a lot easier when you have a streamlined, low-overhead practice. Getting rid of your reliance on paper allows you to simplify your work life and experience an amazing sense of freedom. It gives you flexibility and, in turn, peace of mind.

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