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Data Security Kits

The safety equipment for your data

Today’s privacy and confidentiality requirements for corporate and government entities demand security as part of their overall business strategy. Protecting the data that is printed, scanned, copied or stored, all a part of the day-to-day operations and workflow every company experiences, is essential.

Performing any of these vital tasks can leave a latent imprint of sensitive data on a system’s hard disk drive; protecting the confidentiality of this data from unwanted intrusion and access is a challenge that must be met.

Protect your company’s confidential documents, information and assets with Data Security Kits for MFPs and Printers.

Features & Specifications

Data Security Kit is very simple to implement, easy to use and highly reliable, providing a consistent and effective deterrent from unauthorised access and activity.

  • Optional Kits for Multifunctional Products (MFP ) and Printers
  • Data Overwrite Method (up to three times)
  • Manual and Automatic Deletion Processes
  • Password Protected for Administrators
  • Data Encryption (Data Security Kit (C) and (E))
  • Protects Company Information and Assets at Device Level
  • Common Criteria Certification (ISO 15408)*
  • EAL 3 Level Conformance and Validation
  • Data Security Kit Info Sheet (1.63 MB)


Is Your Print Environment Secure

With a greater risk from security threats and a need for data compliance, checking the security of MFPs has become a top priority for organisations. KYOCERA have developed a solution that provides you a one stop security check of your device. Printer security audit capabilities are now in your control giving you ongoing reporting, to show compliance and highlight gaps to be actioned, giving you peace of mind.



Business Challenges

  • ​New General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) require personal data to be secure for an organisation to comply with legislation.
  • ​More complex cyber threats to my organisations networks.
  • ​No visibility of current security level of MFPs.
  • ​ The process to check MFPs across a variety of settings takes a substantial amount of time as well as requiring technical knowledge of the devices and what to report against.
  • Advantages

  • SecureAudit works in conjunction with organisations security strategies to support data protection regulation and security audit compliance.
  • SecureAudit will give your organisation the ability to see what vulnerabilities may be on your devices whilst at the same time providing information about the device’s status across a number of settings via diagnostic reports.
  • SecureAudit has a quick install time with an intuitive interface and unambiguous report generation so no prior technical training is required.


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