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By keeping track of latest trends and new technologies ITQ can help you make sense of a changing office environment. Whatever your requirements, a new printer or a number of varied devices, ITQ will manage the specification, design, implementation and project management of your new installation. Comprehensive documentation and attention to detail are our biggest assets. We consider the network environment and infrastructure first because some print management solutions are better suited to multiple server and branch operations than others. This allows our clients to make their decisions armed with all the facts. All too often the benefits of control and accountability or pull printing are seen without considering whether the ‘solution’ is robust enough for the specific network infrastructure.

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"We don't want to read about what a machine can do. We expect our supplier to make it do it. That's what service means, and it's what ITQ delivers."

Brad Wilkinson | Financial Controller , The Vineyard Group

A Winning Print Management Strategy

ITQ’s recommendations are backed up by careful reasoning, detailed documentation and years of relevant experience.

What impact does your current printing requirements have on your network infrastructure, what would you like improved? For example, one of our biggest successes was reducing the server dependency of a large enterprise client from 52 print servers to just 12.

Implementing a print management solution will save you money but give careful consideration to its other advantages. Currently what happens if users lose the ability to print? Print management delivers resilience and fall-over.

Is the print management software tied to a specific range of printers or multifunctionals? If it is, you would need to reinvest again if you changed suppliers.

ITQ can advise on all types of print management solutions so you have complete freedom to make buying decisions after all the options have been investigated.

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