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ITQ Metis is a management information workflow solution that processes your school’s enquiry and/or admissions data for subsequent use with pupil recruitment, marketing and/or other initiatives.

ITQ Metis is a completely customisable and easy to use solution that creates workflows to process and formulate the pupil data. ITQ Metis can import ‘joining pupil’s’ data directly from ITQ’s Resporium portal. Data can be exported from ITQ Metis to either an existing document management system, database or electronic folder or simply used to produce reports from over 100 ‘tried and tested’ templates.

ITQ Metis furthermore enables the:

  • Use of Microsoft or Google calendar features to automatically prompt follow-ups
  • Provision of an easy-to-use and intuitive Administration Console
  • Use of a hyperlink to link individual enquirers to any documents on your system
  • Running of reports, listings and statistical information at the ‘touch of a button’
  • Exporting of reports and listings to MS-Excel, Word or Google Sheets
  • Creation of additional reports in MS-Excel, Word or Google
  • Entering and reporting of feeder schools and record contact
  • Entering and reporting on agents and record contact with agents
  • Management of the complete entrance exam process
  • Design, creation and storage of any number of letters, reports and forms using Microsoft Mail Merge or Google mail
  • Design, creation and storage of any number of e-mail mail merge documents both personalised and non-personalised using Microsoft or Google mail
  • Exporting of ‘joining pupils’ information to all current school MIS systems

ITQ Metis benefits:

    ITQ Metis is a simple Data Management platform that helps schools:

  • Determine the real pupil recruitment costs
  • Assist on where to effectively invest marketing budgets
  • Choose between building a new boarding house or a sports hall
  • Analyse the cost benefits of when to offer more scholarships/bursaries
  • Rank and select the most profitable agents
  • Confirm when to recruit new staff members

    KPI dashboards and automated reporting - Web based real-time data is available to senior management, at the touch of a button, such as:

  • Year-on-Year statistics
  • Term and Monthly statistics
  • Visit numbers
  • Sources of Enquiry
  • Agent Information
  • Feeder Schools

    ITQ Metis allows Bursars to:

  • Know what their projected school roll numbers for the next and subsequent years will be
  • Enter and manipulate various scenarios
  • Extract up-to-date information

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