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For 25 years ITQ have helped clients gain insight into print behaviour, streamline printing and cut costs. We have helped small businesses to multi-national corporations, schools to universities and saved millions in the process.

Printing and copying costs the average organisation around £400.00 per user per year.

The volume of digital information in the World is doubling every 3-7 years, increasing the amount of printed pages.

23% of Help Desk calls are print related and IT spend 15% of their time on print issues in the average company.

Total cost of document production can consume up to 15% of an organisation's annual revenue.

90% of all companies do not track their organisation's printing costs.

Print uses up 35% of annual IT spend and is the highest IT cost within the average business.

" We are now over a year into the project, the savings have grown over the contract period but perhaps more importantly we have a very detailed, defined roadmap for managing printing, copying and scanning. "
Rob Stephens Head of Property – Clyde & Co LLP
" We needed a blueprint, a roadmap for printing so that we could meet many of the business challenges that are facing so many organisations as technology drives change. "
David Smart - Operations Director Smith & Williamson
" ITQ have supplied Wellington College with the next generation of print management, simply put a system which is focused on not printing, a proactive service rather than reactive. "
Tony Whelton - Director of IT, Wellington College

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